tanha dil – tanha dil (2001)

June 10, 2006 at 6:35 pm (2000's, Guitar Chords, Indian, Lryics, Music, Pop)

song: tanha dil
album: tanha dil (2001)
artist: shaan

capo on 3rd fret

Am                       Am
aankhon mein sapne liye, ghar se hum chal to diye
C         G            D          Am
jaane yeh rahein ab le jaayengi kahaan
Am                    Am
mitti ki khusbu aaye, palkon peh aansu laaye
C          G           D           Am
palkon peh reh jaayega yaadon ka jahaan

C        G           D          Am
manzil nayi hai anjaana hai kaarvaan
C       G          D
chalna akele hai yahan

Am               Em
tanha dil, tanha safar
          C                D
dhoonde tujhe phir kyoon nazar
tanha dil

Am                     Am
dilkash nazaare dekhe, jhilmil sitaare dekhe
C            G             D            Am
aankhon mein phir bhi tera chehra hai javaan
Am                       Am
kitni barsaatein aayeen, kitni saughaatein laayeen
C           G               D         Am
kaanon mein phir bhi goonje teri hi sada

C       G           D         Am
vaade kiye the apna hoga aashiyaan
C         G          D
vaadon ka jaane hoga kya


  1. PUNEET said,


  2. prateek said,

    tanha dil is my favoriate song , and i want to thank to shaan for this song .i really want to meet shaan he gaves me my desired song

  3. Arjun said,

    Very accurate chords……cheers to you buddy! And keep up the good work!

  4. raunaq said,

    Yo people this is a great song

  5. aj said,

    liked it man… keep up the good work

  6. shrutika said,

    i like all your songs as i am your great fan

  7. srish said,

    well..tanha dil is a song everyone MUST listen to..it simply ROCKS..love ur voice shaan…!!

  8. vicky said,

    shaan u r a best singer your voice is so beutiful and i like your all songs specailly tanha dil

  9. ali said,

    plz plz plz i beg u m new on guitar infact i can play guitar as well as i can , now plz dear send me da chords of dildarian amrindar gill plzz its ma request plz fullfill it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  10. Sid said,

    hey yaar plz im unable 2 follow the strumming pattern used in tanha dil….plz send me its strumming pattern….

  11. Neha said,

    cud u plz post the strumming pattern of tanha dil…

  12. vikram said,

    plz send me strumming pattern on this song

  13. ketki said,

    pls suggest the strumming pattern

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